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Thursday, September 20, 2007

you can fake this only if you take this
(you wanna lose control, you wanna lose control)

we wish we could regale you with stories untold that involve lurid details of wild nights. but that would be fiction. you see, VTB faithful, at some point whilst we were slaving over RFP's and optimizations and cpm negotiations, our social life quietly got up and walked away and after hoping she would find her way home eventually, we're starting to get worried. so we're putting out an APB. If you see our social life out there on the mean streets of new york, please send her home. we miss her.


Blogger LBR said...

I could have sworn she was at Nobu last night. She also could have disappeared to watch the premiere of Gossip Girl?

11:10 PM

Anonymous Amy said...

Yes, but are you doing your TPS reports correctly?

10:12 AM

Blogger ADubs said...

of course those TPS reports are done correctly! How else am I supposed to meet a waitress that looks like Jennifer Aniston.

And Gossip Girl was damned good!

10:38 AM


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