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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

no one is to blame:

VTBEditor: theres nothing more that i love
VTBEditor: then when i make up words on the scrabble board
VTBEditor:and they turn out to be real words
TheGoodSenor: That's not a word
TheGoodSenor: don't care what the shitty Scrabulous dictionary says
VTBEditor:according to the crazy indian guys who developed scrabulous it is
VTBEditor:and thats all that matters

The word in question: Blueings

blue·ing (blōō'ĭng) n.
1. Any of various coloring agents used to counteract the yellowing of laundered fabrics.
2. A rinsing agent used to give a silver tint to gray or graying hair.

thank you and thank you scrabulous. 74 points.


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