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Thursday, February 07, 2008

stay the night but keep it undercover

Hola Interweb,

Its been a long time. And not for lack of things to post, but rather for lack of time. All of our time of late has been devoted to media planning and billing and oh god more billing. It can be very nervewracking to be handling millions of dollars of a major retailers advertising budget. and time consuming. have we mentioned time consuming?

but all that is in the past. in fact, we can see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel as we're finally moving onto a new account here at work, one who's hours do not rival the busiest of investment bankers out there.

and we're back. and we have stories. many we would like to tell and some that make us feel like we're back in good old 2005 (and we didn't need a delorian to go there). There have been some 2008 updates to the old game, mostly as Mrs. Robinson can attest, champers is the new sparks. and Luke and Leroy is no longer the home of boys who like girls who like girls who like boys... you get the picture.

there are some new crushes, even though some fall into the same old habits (have we learned nothing from the Double K or Kristen B? no. we have not.) there have been more rangers games, more dining at some extremely expensive and overly fattening restaurants, throwing of the eighth superbowl party in a row, and another impending move.

life continues to remind us of two very important lessons - first, never get involved in a land war in asia, and second, it seems as always, while everything changes, everything remains the same.
but, we digress. we're just happy to be back. so here are some things we would like to tell you, bullet point style:

  • Gossip Girl rules. we know we're late to the internet party on this one, but see above point about being tied to our desks. also blake lively, give us a call, we have an opening for an arm candy role for our fearless editor
  • we were at the knicks game last night, we sat second row behind the basket. adam koates sat directly in front of us, rw mcquarters was 5 seats over, basically we were surrounded by those CHAMPION giants. (yes, we here at VTB are as always, still jets fans, but any team that destroys those asshole patriots deserve all the glory in the world)
  • we've been obsessed with the outfield lately and are constantly wondering why noone makes music like this anymore
  • we met adam graves. again. we called him mr. graves, he told us we could call him adam. we swooned.
  • we're really back. we fully expect to post hella more regularly then we do now. its nice to see you again too.


Anonymous mrs robinson said...

excellent job on the princess bride reference.

12:26 PM


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