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Friday, November 03, 2006

Got nothing better to do?

Here it is. The first 3500 words of this year's attempt at a novel. Tell us what you think! Also, for those of you who know our editor, this may seem like a thinly veiled memoir, but we promise its more of a thickly veiled memoir. besides, didn't you always want a character to be based on you??? we're just saying.

enjoy. we'll also throw the link over there under links, so you can continue to read as we continue to write. unless its so bad you have no interest. which it could be. feedback is welcome.


Blogger RedTwin said...

Very impressed, a solid read. May want to revisit these lines, a bit confusing with all the he said/she said business, just pick a preference and go with it!

I wasn’t quite convinced that he had any right anymore to tell me what I would or would not be perfect for. I believed he gave up that right when he walked out the door two years ago. The truth is it had been an eight year saga. One which hindsight had come to prove would have been sufficient with a one night stand. I told her that I would consider auditioning, would call her later, and that I really had to go.

2:26 AM

Blogger Andrea said...

heh. silly gender confused poor editing.

consider it fixed! thanks!

10:29 AM

Blogger rice-n-grass said...

what a difference that little bitty "r" makes. sad to see it go.

4:17 PM

Blogger Andrea said...

rice -
the "r" may have disappeared from the novel, but in this case fiction isn't getting more like real life

1:24 PM


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