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Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Morning quarterback

we don't have all that much time today, so we're going to hit you with some things we learned this weekend bullet point style... have a problem with that?
  • We learned that Upper West Siders in their natural habitat aren't nearly as annoying as they are everywhere else.
  • We learned that The Park is a good place to go if you want to spend 7 bucks on a Corona
  • We learned that even though we swore we wouldn't wind up HERE again we gladly go anywhere for a VTB favorite's birthday party
  • We learned it is best to blame your dirty dirty whoring ways on the one shot of SoCo and lime you had amongst the many many belvedere and tonics.
  • We learned that the HFT is one big ball of ironic hilarity. We also learned she's not doing it on purpose.
  • We learned that you should never attempt to cross 72nd St. when 50 UPS trucks carrying marathoners' gear is headed into the park. We also learned taking pictures of said trucks passes the time quite nicely:

  • We learned that Chiropractor Twins make excellent brunch partners.
  • We learned that once you have "Holiday Road" in your head it is IMPOSSIBLE to get it out
  • We learned that softballs leave nasty marks when hurled into your back from the outfield as you run towards home plate
  • We learned that writing with a hangover the size of Texas can be difficult. (we did push through though, edited what was already written and added quite a bit more - go ahead and READ.


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