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Monday, March 31, 2008

You cant concern yourself with bigger things
You catch the pearl and ride the dragons wings

Wow has it really been over a month? Should we be suprised at this point at our innate ability to sporadically post?

Regardless here's some random thoughts and updates for you from us here at VTB:

1. Opening Day is finally here! Shame the boys in pinstripes got rained out, we can wait another day, thanks to the fact that we're headed to the rangers game in 15 minutes

2. We had one of the most awesome Festival weeks ever (It was the Fearless Editor's Birthday a few weeks ago, but due to the coinciding of this massive event with JC's resurrection (and no we don't mean JC Chasez, although we will speak of his resurrection in a second!) celebrations were delayed. Once they began they wound up taking us to Morimoto, Mas (farmhouse), And a most kickass party sponsored by the expense accounts of some amazing reps and DJ'd by the bossman. No extra charge for 15 shots of SoCo, locked bathroom doors, Kid N Playing with Thursty, and almost geting in a fight with some people who work upstairs from us.

3. America's Best Dance Crew = America's Best Reality Show. Seriously that show kicked ass. We are anxiously awaiting its return.

4. JC Chasez and Chace Crawford. Can we please, please please make this rumor true? Nothing could be more awesome than that. Except for maybe us and Blake Lively. We just started that rumor, can someone make that true as well??

5. The NCAA tournament has kicked our ass. No new flatscreen and XBox for us, this means we have to stick to playing Rock Band at work. Although now that we've moved accounts, finally, we actually leave work at reasonable hours, and haven't been in on a weekend in over a month.

6. The back is almost healed, although we had a minor setback this weekend (See 2 above as to reasons why)

7.We're now going to be late to previously mentioned ranger game. We'd promise another post tomorrow. But we try to not make promisese we know we wont keep.



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