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Monday, November 27, 2006

legend... wait for it... ary!!!

Holy Mary Mother of God, what an incredible little thanksgiving vacation* we had.
Wednesday night: we got to spend some wonderful QT with Amy where we shared lots of good conversation, but no carrot cake, leaving us now totally craving said dessert.
Thursday: We headed to the machatunum's house for the big turkey extravaganza, we had wonderful food, and many laughs. Then we got in trouble for smoking pot. Funny, since we don't smoke. We were totally transported back to high school when all of our friends blamed their smelling like smoke on us.
Friday: The transport back to high school was complete with our 10 year reunion. We here at VTB HIGHLY recommend throwing a party with 160 of your closest friends from high school as we totally had a blast. The only problem, sometime on our travel from the party in our living room to the after-party at bed we got separated from our voices. We're still waiting for them to find their way home.
Saturday: We had recap brunch with JL and Dannyboy, went to the park and enjoyed our unbelievably wonderful and unseasonable weather and had dinner to celebrate our poppa's birthday with our nuclear and extended family.
Sunday: Had one of the best shopping days with the LJB, found the perfect winter coat, had our first gingerbread latte of the season, and then went to watch an awesome overtime ranger game(even though they lost)at the garden with the good senor.

seriously. best. weekend. ever. now if we could only figure out where the bruise on our leg the size of texas came from....

* we are perfectly aware how inappropriate it is for unemployed people to use the word vacation, but we don't care


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