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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Salvation is killing me

So we rarely mix business with pleasure (eds. note: in the real world we actually do that all the time) on this site, but we have to break the barrier for a minute to rant about something we find quite upsetting. For YEARS now we have stood by televisionwithoutpity as one of our all time favorite sites. So much so that when we found out that it was actually started by a friend's sister and finally met her, we may have gushed a bit, and we're not the gushing type, except maybe for the one time we met david bowie, but thats another conversation for another time...

So about a year ago now, this little site that could, was bought by NBCUniversal, and we cheered a little bit, happy that the site was going to make money to do what it does best. We even championed for it at our little day job, and were able to give the site a nice amount of coin from a major retailer for advertising. And initially, minus a little advertising here and there nothing about the site changed at all. We were happy, and thankful that some large media conglomerate did the right thing and didn't mess with the formula.

The women who started the site left a few weeks ago, and we here at VTB were personally promised that nothing would change, that we wouldn't miss their presence. They sadly lied. (although we don't believe it was their fault).

The site has had a major overhaul and redesign and even though the recappers are doing their thing in exactly the same way, the site is too...well...slick. We're now keenly aware that this is a corporate media site, and we don't want to get our snarky tv recaps from people that work for a broadcasting company. Its wrong, its corporate, and it has destroyed this wonderful site. They fucked with the formula and we feel like we're reading entertainment weekly and thats the exact opposite of what we enjoyed about this site.

We ask you NBCUni to change it back, we know we're only one reader, but we were everyday loyal and now we've been forced to reduce our daily dose of unadulterated snark recaps, TVGasm and Midseason Replacements are our only hopes.

RIP TWOP. This is a sad day for us at VTB.


Blogger John said...

I know you're alive. I see you almost daily.

But judging by this blog...I don't even know what to say.

Come back.

11:07 PM


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