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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home

Holla at a sista - who's got the fever for the flavor spring? Doesn't this weather just make you want to go and frolic in the park? get a pedicure? get laid? umm... we mean... oh screw it, we meant get laid.

the mood swing over here has brought your VTB editors into the Tigger column, which considering how Eeyorish we've felt lately, we're not complaining. During an unbelievable meal with Mrs. Robinson on Sunday night, we were pointed towards some very good reasons to stay put here in New York. During a short graduation ceremony yesterday we were surrounded by true friends and family. During a long phone conversation last night we were reminded of the simple fact that she-who-shall-not-be-named doesn't deserve us anyway.

Instead some things that are making us smile these days:

  • Only 4 Days until Opening Day...
  • Saturday night - Karaoke + Sparks = Trouble
  • NYPD officers on Boats (or one in particular, but still)
  • The new Radiohead jam "Arpeggi" - get it here [via stereogum and g.fiddle]
  • A Week and a Half of Freedom
  • The New Cycle of ANTM, this show keeps getting better and better
  • Twins with the last name Levine, one who dreamt of being a moyel, the other a cow
  • Being able to go out for some happy hour margaritas with the ladies this evening.

oh and of course the weather.


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