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Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Return of the Mack

Well hello. I'm making a brief appearance to catch those of you up who are still bothering to check in on your lovable VTB editor. We would love to be updating this site more frequently but the hours we spend in cypress hills with 10 and 11 year olds and pascal's triangle are making it really difficult for us to get in front of a computer. but we digress.

so this past week we have been trying to maintain our superhero alter-ego even whilst waking up at five o clock in the morning to make it to as many fabulous CMJ shows as possible, but found ourselves friday night having fallen asleep in the phone booth before the transformation was complete. we did manage to catch doves at warsaw (no extra charge for pierogi), five o' clock heroes at the delancey, and the new pornographers, rogue wave, the constantines, and my new fave band wolf parade all at bowery.

in other news, we have been shopping ourselves around at certain print media powerhouses in attempts to return to a life that doesn't involve delaney cards, the pledge every morning and metal detectors. send good vibes as we have a lead on a job at a certain music magazine that would really make us extremely happy people.

keep on rockin in the free world.