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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday VTB EIC

Wow. so as is our habit here at the VTB HQ, we apologize for our prolonged absence. we have switched jobs (say hello to Corporate VTB V2.0) and spent a lot of time out and about celebrating our move from the mid-20's to late 20's. This past week alone included not one, but two awesome Rangers games, our first Rep. lunch and rep. happy hour, a $740 bar tab on friday, leaving our bag (complete with IPod and checkbook) at the bar on saturday, a whole lot of time with our nephew Webster L. and the signing of our new lease. Yep, as of May 15 the VTB headquarters will be leaving the borough of brooklyn where it has resided for the past 4 years for a sweet little rent controlled studio on the LES that we have loved for years and we owe it all to Mrs. R...

Unfortunately, we also have had to attend three seperate shiva calls in the past three weeks. here's hoping we won't have to do that for a while again.

Needless to say it's been quite a roller-coaster around these parts.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

cover’s only 20 bucks
and even if the dj sucks
it’s time to turn this mother out

right on, so the Festival is in full effect!

Last night we went with RJL to see Stellastarr rock out The Gramercy Theater. Apparently it was the first live show at the venue. This came as no surprise as the place had a completely unfinished (and not in a good way feel). the acoustics also sucked.

Saturday we're headed out to see our favorite band with members that are actually friends of ours - Guyz Nite - you should check them out - the cover is nowhere near 20bucks and they kick ass! You haven't heard anything until you've heard the story of the die hard trilogy told in one awesome rock song!

We'll be there, as will the Good Senor and Senora, CMoss, Rigatoni, CousinAly, and... wait for it.... wait for it... the MofO! Oh thats right, we have a date with the chick we're currently smitten with! dare we say it? WOOT!

we love this month! also, it seems as though we might have stumbled upon some more luck - this time in the apartment world - and the lore of all lores, a rent-stabilized apartment on the LES! Lets keep the good energy rolling people!

come out on saturday night to see the boys! err we mean Guyz... say hello to our fearless editor and she may just buy you a drink! she's in just that kind of mood!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I put my new shoes on and suddenly everything is right

Whereas, today is March 1st and officially kicks off The Festival of Andrea
Whereas, we're kicking the festival off correctly with dinner with Sister Mary Kate tonight
Whereas, we haven't properly celebrated the festival in some 3 odd years
Whereas, we start the new job damned smack in the middle of the festival
Whereas, we have a crush that is keeping our brain occupied
Whereas, our favorite starbucks barista handed us our grande skim misto this morning while we were still 10th in line for ordering
Whereas, we had a good meal and even better drinks with Mrs. R last night
Whereas, we're still going strong on our eating project
Whereas, we've started editing our NaNoWriMo novel and feel it may actually turn into something readable
Whereas, CS and I reaffirmed our solemn swear that we were up to no good
Whereas, The Festival Month is also the month of madness and spring training
Whereas, life is generally on an upswing and so far it seems that the double-oh-seven is our year,

We here at VTB resolve to resolve to party our asses off, wear at least one lampshade as a chapeau, wake up in someone else's bed and be unsure of how we got there, belt out Bon Jovi at Karaoke even though our main shindig this year is not a karaoke party, play our music way too loud at our desk, drink way too many sparks, and be grateful that "pushing 30" isn't 30.

We here at VTB declare this next 31 days a Bachhanale of Dionysian proportions. It will be filled with laughter, grey goose and reckess abandon. Anyone who would like to accompany us in any or all parts is more than welcome. Nudity is, as always, encouraged, but not required.