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Monday, January 23, 2006

Don't wake me I plan on sleeping in

Well, it seems that my posting has gone from at least twice a week to once every two months or so. Oh the excuses that i could give. yeah, but i'm not going to.

some updates. had drinks with the ex during the transit strike. most amazingly it was quite nice to see her and i didn't leave feeling at all confused, sad or hurt. go figure.

soccer chick and i are no longer. if there's going to be a relationship its got to be with someone who is at least on this coast. thats the short of it.

there would be a long of it if i weren't so jetlagged. i was in la the last 5 days for a conference. as one should do on any good trip to the city of angels, i converted to scientology (for a day), went to the kabbalah center to get in touch with my roots and retrieve a red string, had an ashton kutcher sighting, and shopped at fred segal. which basically means i did it all. now when i return in july i can just relax.

oh and there was a new year in there somewhere, no? that was good times, am faithfully (thus far) sticking to my resolutions, and have officially ridded myself of all toxic people that were clogging up my life. things are beyond on the up and up. the only issue is a nagging obsession/infatuation with a co-worker. more on that when she isn't sitting next to me...