Bitter Cynical Rants from One as Snarky as Waldorf and As Sexy as Statler.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

three posts in one week! its like our trusty VTB editor has returned back to her old form! truth be told, we put our foot down at the old office last week and have fully decided to reclaim our lives - even though these days our lives revolve around free rep events. we mean, really, we're still broke, thanks to all of those useless degrees we have floating around, so we take what we can get. Which sometimes is too many commas in one sentence, and other times, like last night, it was heading to see gym class heroes and panic!at the disco courtesy of a large internet portal. we have to say, gym class was much better than anticipated, and panic! involved a piano. overall, we gave it a hoodie-wearing thumb up.
say hi to travis from Gym Class:

and here are the panic boys in all their skinniness:

so as we were rocking out, we came to a personal realization, its simple really, but we want to be an emo-tastic hipster boy when we grow up. we want to be too skinny, scruffy, a little bit dirty and ambiguously gay all while rocking a perfect straight shaggy hair cut. can you get working on this for us? thanks!

Monday, September 24, 2007

look what youve done to this rock n roll clown

so we're sitting at work today, minding our own business when we had a large package dropped on our desk.

the contents of the package:
(1)2003 Cabernet from Kuleto Estates
(1)2004 Cabernet from Kuleto Estates.

Apparently we're a member of the Kuleto Estates Wine Club.

so we'd just like to say that chicks who play soccer and live in SF kick ass. and constantly make us want to rethink our policy on long distance relationships or our decision to stay firmly planted on this coast....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

you can fake this only if you take this
(you wanna lose control, you wanna lose control)

we wish we could regale you with stories untold that involve lurid details of wild nights. but that would be fiction. you see, VTB faithful, at some point whilst we were slaving over RFP's and optimizations and cpm negotiations, our social life quietly got up and walked away and after hoping she would find her way home eventually, we're starting to get worried. so we're putting out an APB. If you see our social life out there on the mean streets of new york, please send her home. we miss her.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You had me several years ago
When I was still quite naive

Thanks to a conversation on Friday before the long holiday, we have sitting on our desk currently the entire collection of the time life 70's music explosion cds . its freaking brilliant.

more importantly carly simon's "you're so vain" just came on. We were automatically transported to the back seat of the '87 Black Ford Taurus we sat in on many rides up to the Berkshires where we went to sleepaway camp every summer, and skied every winter. For some reason, Carly Simon's Greatest Hits was on constant rotation on those trips up the taconic. And 1988 was probably the last time our family ever agreed on music. A few years later the trips up to Great Barrington became less frequent, we were in a Suburban instead of a taurus, and we spent most of the time scowling in the third row with our walkman (yes, remember those portable CASSETTE tape players) firmly planted on our ears.

Oddly enough, Carly Simon and Hall and Oates (the other big listener, we have distinct memories of screaming Rich Girl at the top of our lungs while criss crossing down the slopes with the Good Senor)still brings us together, even though we haven't been up to the berkshires as a family in years. And its still true that on the occassions that we've been able to head up there in the past decade without the fame, "You're so Vain" is the first song that pops into our heads.

so for us we think that song is about Great Barrington, which looks quite nice in a scarf that was apricot... and its awesome to hear it on a tuesday morning when we'd like to be anywhere but work