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Monday, April 30, 2007

sitting on the back seat banging on the off beat

phew. that rangers game yesterday exhausted the socks off of us. we were all prepared to spend the day continuing to pack for our ever approaching move, but then overtime! and then double overtime!! Not that we're complaining. it was an awesome game and a much needed win.

in other news:

our softball team isn't doing so well - we lost again, making our record 0-2-1. very sad. in better news our softball team kicks ass at flip cup. we're 3-0.

we went to see the fratellis play last week at the "new" filmore east. the fratellis? in a word. AWESOME. we hadn't heard such good things about their last show (which we couldn't go to as it fell out on our birthday), but this one was killer. and much like the kaiser chiefs show we went to a couple of weeks ago we were surrounded by cute british boys who danced their asses off and complained about how us americans don't know how to party.
the new filmore east? sucked just as much as it did when they called it irving... name changed, nothing else did.

before the show we ate at casa mono. we had forgotten how much we loved that place.

on friday one of our friendly reps (who also threw us a happy hour at pop burger on wednesday that I dragged CG to) took us to lunch at nobu 57. he told our friendly waiter to tell the chef to send out his recommendations. we couldn't have been more ecstatic about our failed eating project so we didn't have to turn any of it down.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Listen to the cheering of the people in the stands
Twenty Thousand hockey bugs and each a Ranger fan!
It's plain as day to see
They want a victory!
All together now strike up the band!

Thanks to the wonderful folks at a large internet network who hooked RJL and myself up with some tremendous seats I got to witness last night's oh-so-awesome sweep of the thrashers!!!

(from 10 rows behind the Goal! totally righteous! better seats than the good senor AND the N/J S's - oh forget that - we had better seats than Ron Greschner and Nick Fotiu!!!)

Now we couldn't be more excited about the sweep, and we're glad that the blueshirts get the rest and the week off means that Rachunek will be back! and Weekes will be back (not that we need him, really)! but a whole week without Rangers hockey??? what are we supposed to do with ourselves now?

Friday, April 13, 2007

oh my god i can't believe this i've never been this far away from home....

we know we've mentioned this before, but we REALLY live in the wrong city.

carl and pete back together again!

And if there's anybody left in here
That doesn't want to be out there

After watching the first two periods of a very exciting Rangers playoff win last night we left the office and headed two blocks over to catch the Kaiser Chiefs, Annuals, Walkmen show. Ok so we missed the Annuals, and most of The Walkmen performance, but the Chiefs damned near blew us away. After The Walkmen played the one song of theirs that we really like we were taken to staring at the crowd that seemed unusually old and unusually unattractive to us, but expectedly very British.

Then the Chiefs came out and blew the roof off the mother. We couldn't remember the last time we saw a crowd so unjaded, so excited, so ready to dance. They loved every minute of Ricky and the boys performance. So did we.

Photo courtesy of Kathryn. And by courtesy we mean we poached it... kathryn, if ya mind we'll take it down.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
Id still miss you baby
And I dont want to miss a thing

So last night after a tremendously tasty yet unhealthy dinner with CG the 1st, we headed to see Blades of Glory. Quite possibly the most ridiculous movie we've ever seen even though it did make us quite nostalgic for The Cutting Edge (Toe Pick!!!)

On the other hand the previews were completely righteous. We here at VTB love summer movies. And we're not afraid to admit it. In one sitting we got to see the trailers for Spidey 3, Pirates 3, and the Transformers, and all three got our blood flowing.

So to recap. Blades of Glory - meh. Summer Movie Trailers - woot!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Don't stop me now I'm having such a good time

we would just like to note that on Saturday April 7th we ate at our 100th unique restaurant of the year.

we would also like to note that our skinny pants aren't loving our eating project as they don't get to see any of these restaurants anymore since they've been relegated to the inside of the closet.

Friday, April 06, 2007

"Wait, what's a beef curtain?"

Ahh good friday VTB faithful... or should I say good Good Friday?

we have settled in quite nicely to our fancy aerodynamic chair at our desk at the new job...

couple of things we need to talk about, but since most of our days are spent in meetings and on conference calls and having status and status about status and pre-status and post-status we don't have all the time in the world - so as we're inclined to do here from time to time - we're gonna hit you up bullet point style:

  • WHAT UP RANGERS!!!! Congrats on clinching that playoff birth last night. Sean Avery - will you marry us?
  • ok, seriously, what up yankees????? Jeter - TWO ERRORS??? you've only played two games
  • last night we went a partying for rigatoni's birthday - we woke up this morning with a great pain in our ankle ... we're still scratching our heads as to what we did to it..
  • we spent a good twenty minutes this morning discussing the LC sex tape scandal... nothing like having to explain overly large beef curtains at 9AM
  • We're headed to see The Kaiser Chiefs, Editors, Annuals, The Walkmen, Klaxons (Twice!),Mat Kearney, The Feeling and Rocco Delucca all next week. Thats a whole lot of show for one week. we couldn't be happier
  • Oh except that we could - we have a work happy hour coming up that is a sponsored beer pong tournament. we seriously work in a college.