Bitter Cynical Rants from One as Snarky as Waldorf and As Sexy as Statler.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

i visit hell on a daily basis

what up what up what up? we are heading full speed towards the culmination of the festival with an incredible week of events planned. which is good frankly because we here at VTB are truly losing our minds after a week that involved breaking up our very first fistfight in our classroom, finding out that our tax refund is thousands of dollars less than it was last year, and almost getting into a fist fight ourselves with our overly botoxed mentor.

but basketball is abound and those first round games were doozies as you all know, the sweat is beading on the brow after our eagles gave us a fright with their double overtiming. and then there is the matter of heading out for some st. patty's day drinks yesterday with our crush and our hubby and being completely wasted (thanks to good ole mr. jameson)before the sun even went down. its on to more basketball this evening after a brief respite where we get to spend two hours in the dark with the bynes... i mean really does it get any better than this?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

don't change your plans for me

or actually maybe you should. so its march 7th and there's been barely a whisper on this here blog about the festival of our fearless editor, which by now is usually in full swing.

sadly, things are just beginning to kick off. they were supposed to kick off here last weekend. but let us tell you le souk le sucks.

we're not even going to get into how crazy the day job has been but we will share that we've begun applying for this.

oh also, we have pink eye.

in good news though. things are starting to pick up last night we went with KG and our favorite husband to go and see a friend of theirs who plays trombone, keyboard and guitar in WillPilot. And much to our delight they were opening for JonnyLives - a band we downright love! This was the jump off to a series of hot live acts we will be seeing in the next few weeks, including Les Savy Fav, John Vanderslice, Art Brut, Stellastarr, The Magic Numbers, and The Rumble Strips.

also, to continue in strong festival fashion we've decided to revisit our strong rockstar tendencies (check out all the goods HERE)

AND our favorite wine guy not only is letting us take over his restaurant he also gave us an incredible deal to supply our favorite people with EVERYTHING on the menu. swoon. it makes us so smitten we might be reconsidering our sexuality.

I'm shorty. Its my birthday.